Social Media Management

Step 1: Free Consultation


Our first step in working together is scheduling a free 30-minute strategy call. During this strategy call, we will discuss aspects of your business and brand, learn about your target audience and help you determine which social media media platforms are best for supporting your business.

Step 2: Choosing a Package


Together, we will determine a monthly social media package that will meet your specific needs. We work within your budget and take into account which social media platforms and frequency would be best suited to your specific business. All of our packages are priced and customized around your business goals. 

Our packages can include:

  • Postings on social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Facebook Ads strategy and campaigns.

  • Developing sales funnels. 

  • Comprehensive email marketing campaigns, including email gathering. 

Step 3: Information Gathering


Once we determine the right package for your business, we will sign a client agreement and arrange the retainer for service. We’ll gather important information from you regarding the determined platforms and then create an editorial calendar for you, which we will execute with our creative team. 

Step 4: Continuous Communication 


We know how much effort and heart you have put into your business. We want to make sure we have the messaging just right. Before we begin, we send our clients a week’s worth of postings ahead of time for approval. At this time, you are free to make any edits or changes as you see fit. We encourage feedback from our clients to ensure that we are all on the same page in supporting your message. 


  • Receive compelling social media content, including high quality graphics, well-written expert articles that position you as a expert. 

  • Gain new leads and revenue through Facebook ads. 

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field with a customized strategy for your business.

  • Save time by having your social media work done for you. 

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