Preparing Your Facebook Page for Marketing

Facebook ad marketing was the fastest growing form of marketing in 2016. There are over 2 billion users, who are primarily condensed modern countries, and are using Facebook multiple times per day. It is a powerful social tools, data gathering tool, and advertising tool. Facebook allows you to target your advertising efforts towards your specific audience. If you are looking to increase customers, Facebook is an obvious place to start!

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of what Facebook advertising can do for you and your business, ensure that your Facebook page is completely prepared before launching that first campaign. Here are some important tips to make sure that your page is ready and your Facebook ads value are maximized.

Create Your Own Voice on Social Media

Ensuring that you create a strong voice on social media presence before you launch a Facebook ads campaign. This includes finding a "style", or your voice. Think about how you present your business in person. This is how you will want to present your business online. Consistency is everything. Treat it the same way you would your own brick and mortar business.

Have Content

Facebook ads are incredible at attracting new clients. When they arrive at your page, you want to ensure that there is enough content to keep them interested. If you want people to come back to your Facebook page, you need to be posting content regularly. Potential customers will need a reason to visit and like your page. High quality visual content is more likely to be liked and shared, which will result in a higher more organic attraction of customers. This can include photos, videos, and info graphics. Your posts need to provide value, not just promoting products & services that you provide.

Build Up a Following

Build your audience organically before you begin buying ads. This number of followers does not need to be large, but even a few can show that there is existing interest in your page. Potential customers are more likely to buy from a brand that has an existing community. You won't want to go so far as buying followers, there is no value there. You could launch a Facebook ad that targets new likes for your Facebook page. If you decide to create an ad for new likes, but expect that each like could cost upward of $1-$2, and they may still not be a genuine audience member that will benefit your business.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

Stick to the 80/20 rule. It's a simple rule to follow but can yield great results. For 80% of the time, share engaging, informative or entertaining content that’s relevant to your Facebook page. These are non-sale posts that are relevant information to your page. You are not including pricing. You are not selling anything. The other 20% of the time, directly promote your services or products. Social media is used for being social. Your efforts should be focused on connecting with customers and building relationships. Include calls to action, discounts, or special offers in this 20%. You are trying to share value and educate your audience on your products or services.

Find Someone Who Understands Facebook

A great way to get started is to reach out to a social media professional. These professionals have learned the hard way, paid for expensive training, and are on the fast track to lead generation and customer building. It can be the difference between spending $.70 per person reached, or less than a $.01 per person reached multiple times. Professionals have done it before. This doesn't mean you have to hire them to run your social media. There are many professionals who are willing to train you and your staff.

Get Adverting

Facebook advertising is a great way to connect with new audiences. For best results, making sure that your Facebook page is set up and regularly updated with content. An optimized Facebook page is the first step to running your successful ad campaign. If you need help preparing your Facebook page for advertising, schedule a call with Brook Public Relations for a free strategy session. They can teach you more about how to make Facebook advertising will work for your business.

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