The New Generation of Marketers

To Succeed in the New World of Marketing, You Need to Be Well-Rounded, Open, Accepting, and Collaborative.

Marketers are currently on a quick learning curve to discover that “doing it how we’ve always done it”, will have you quickly left behind. Once upon a time, you could be a data analyst, a PR specialist, or a commercial strategist. You either knew radio, or print, or television. You rarely took the time to know all three. The sprawling consumer market allowed- required- individuals in the marketing world to specialize in an area.

But today, if you don’t have an understanding of all the facets of marketing, you are at a major disadvantage. Over are the days where the radio guy is only a radio guy. Today’s marketers have to be holistic thinkers who understand traditional media, digital media, social media, and public relations; as well as how they can all work together. You must also have an incredible grasp of content development- the new generation of consumers have rated content and product knowledge as a business’s best chance at earning their business.

And don’t forget the ability to create a plan based on data and analytics. That “tech geek” (we know he’s not a geek) you knew back in your first college diploma program? He’s a marketer’s best friend these days. Haven’t seen him in a few years? If you’re a marketer who cannot speak data and analytics, it might be a good time to look him up and take him for a cup of coffee. Data is a key component of understanding return on investment. Yes, that is your responsibility now too.

But if you are a marketer and all of this makes your head spin, don’t get defensive. All too often marketers of different specialties get up in arms, looking for why their specialty is the best option. Proof that their medium is as strong as it has always been. Ask print industries who have refused to get into digital news how well that is working for them? Kudos to those who have embraced the dual print and publish online, and are still thriving.

At a recent fire side, the Oracle of Omaha himself, Warren Buffett gave some incredible business advice in regards to the changing world of business. Opt to trust the youth, and the knowledge that they bring to the ever-changing landscape; rather than stubbornly opposing it. This at a conference where his company Shaw Floors, presented to their flooring network, three days of digital education from experts like Google, Houzz, and Zen Marketing Group. Though he also made abundantly clear, that he still highly trusted, and invested in, traditional methods of marketing- including the king of it all: good old reliable customer service.

The point? Marketers need to be open to change, embrace one another, and stop being so quick to discount one form of marketing over another. The new generation of consumers are a generation who appreciate collaboration. Anecdotally, new marketers maintain that the newest generation values digital consumerism the greatest. Yet, all data shows that they see value in, and consume, traditional media for a multitude of reasons.

Now, of course we are not ignorant to important contexts, such as how target audience effects if and how you'll use a form of media. However, next time you feel inclined to quickly reduce an opposing form of media; instead of discounting it, think to yourself, ‘how can we work with this form of media to strengthen our own service or product?’ Put modern and traditional together. It’s for the benefit of your clients to help them grow.

-Brook Public Relations is a boutique agency, in the Kootenay Rockies of British Columbia, that jumped into online consulting and training. Brook PR specializes in social media strategies, including social media management, lead generation, funnel development, and corporate training.

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